Christina’s Headshot Session

I have been photographing Christina for her marketing materials for about  five years.  She hates to be in front of the camera almost as much as I, but she comes because she knows it’s good for business.  I love her attitude.  When I pose her and get her in position, she’ll look at me and sarcastically say, “Yay.”  She cracks me up every time.   Christina uses my images for more than just business cards.  They are on signage and in brochures and pamphlets for her office.  Last week her realty business went through a major change.  After being with Prudential for years, they are now a part of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.  I loved having the opportunity to work with Christina again and we got some great new images for her marketing pieces.

If your headshots need updating, now’s a great time to do it.  Elise Beall Photography offers special rates for multiple people from the same business who schedule at the same time.  We also provide group images, when needed.



Dante and Gabriel at Onslow Beach

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by Dante and Gabriel’s grandmother, Janelle, and contracted to take pictures of the boys on the beach.  When she told me the boys were almost 2 and 3, I was not sure how cooperative they would be.  But with Karen, my good friend and trustworthy assistant, along I knew we would be just fine.  Karen is magical when it comes to working with children.  While I’m worrying about getting exposures and poses just right, she is getting amazing expressions and keeping the children happy.  Sometimes that means that she’s hitting me over the head with squawking rubber chickens or putting candy in my hair, but whatever works!  Her job also includes keeping the lighting where I want it and keeping the light stand from blowing over.  However, on the day we photographed Dante and Gabriel, the wind was blowing so hard we weren’t able to use off-camera lighting on the beach.  I have killed more umbrellas and softboxes that you can imagine by trying to use them in windy weather.  As soon as we crossed the bridge and saw the flags whipping in the wind, we knew off-camera lighting wasn’t going to be an option.  That’s OK though.  I have photographed dozens and dozens of sessions in natural light and wasn’t the least bit concerned that we wouldn’t get great portraits of Dante and Gabriel.

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot at Onslow Beach and saw Dante and Gabriel, we were all in love.  These two little guys are beyond precious.  They look quite a bit alike – even down to the matching cowlicks.  And thankfully they had very short hair so we didn’t have to worry about the wind.  Blowing sand was a bit of an issue, but their hair looked marvelous.  Janelle and I had discussed clothing options and I love what she chose.  Chambray shirts on little boys on the beach look amazing – especially with these dark skinned, dark eyed beauties.  The boys were much better behaved than I expected.  Sometimes the beach offers just a few too many distractions and it’s hard to get small children to look up and make eye contact.  With a babysitter, grandmother, grandfather, Rusty and Karen all behind me jumping, yelling, singing and a chicken squawking – we got great images of these handsome boys.

Janelle also brought along swim suits and beach toys so we took a few pictures of the boys playing on the beach.  Oh my, so adorable!  I was worried that I wasn’t going to get to blog these images until after Christmas.  Janelle and Steve were going to gift their daughter with the images as a surprise for Christmas.  But, they liked the pictures so much they couldn’t wait.  So less than 24 hours after the gallery was posted, they had shared the images with her.  I love happy clients!  And I love little boys on the beach.


Billy and Ericca Got Married . . . Again!

Billy and Ericca were high school sweethearts.  They attended different high schools in Jacksonville, but an employment opportunity forced their move to the Chicago area.  They married several years ago, but never had a “real” wedding  for their friends and family.  They chose to come back to Topsail Island for their wedding because they have such fond memories of the area.  Unlike many couples, they chose to marry on a weekday – a Thursday – not a busy weekend. For beach weddings, weekday weddings work well because there is less congestion on the roads and beaches.  They chose the date, June 26,  because it was the 2nd anniversary of Ericca’s grandmother’s passing and also Billy’s late grandfather’s birthday.  This wedding was filled with family and cultural significance.  Billy and Ericca have two little boys – Junior and Iosefa – who were part of the wedding party.  Oh my, what gorgeous little boys they are!  Billy is of Samoan descent, so he and his groomsmen wore lava lavas – think Samoan kilts.  They also wore kukui nut leis.  Ericca’s mom bought bracelets with the lung cancer ribbon on them for herself, Errica, her sister and aunt in memory of Ericca’s grandmother who has passed away. They chose to get married on the porch at the beautiful beach house they rented, not on the beach itself.  Instead of having a wedding cake and a groom’s cake, Billy and Ericca had one cake – with half of it decorated in a Batman theme for Billy and the other half decorated like a more traditional wedding cake for Ericca.  The bridesmaids wore bright colored shoes to match their bouquets.

Here are a few pictures from Ericca and Billy’s beach wedding. To see the images, click on the larger image.  To move to the next image, click on the “next” in the upper right.  Then click on close to end.

I am so glad that Ericca and Billy finally had the wedding that they have dreamed of for so long.  And I am elated that they chose Elise Beall Photography to document it.  The day was beautiful and filled with loving touches. It was very obvious how important family is to Ericca and Billy.  The weather was beautiful for a June afternoon until the very end of the day.  When Billy, Ericca and the children went on the beach for family pictures, it started raining and drenched them before they could get back to the house.  Thankfully the rain held off until the end!  Best wishes to Billy, Ericca, Junior and Sefa.  Hoping you have a beautiful future with your beautiful family.

Photography by Charo Baxter for Elise Beall Photography.



The Faces of CF

I’ll be very honest, three years ago I knew very little about Cystic Fibrosis.  I thought it was a lung disease – but had never known anyone with CF so that’s about all I knew.  Then three years ago, my nephew and his wife learned that the baby they were having had a liklihood of having the disease.  My great-niece, Jozie, was born in October 2011 and was diagnosed almost immediately with CF.  Since then I have learned that CF is an inherited disease that not only involves the lungs, but affects the pancreas, liver and digestive system as well.  At present there is no cure for the genetic mutation of Cystic Fibrosis that Jozie has.  Her treatment involves airway clearance techniques and inhaled medicines.  Her parents spend hours daily keeping Jozie healthy.  Luckily, they have a tremendous support system and Jozie is doing well.  She’s a beautiful, active 2 1/2 year old who has stolen our hearts.  Not all CF patients are as lucky.

Since Jozie was born, my family has become involved in fundraising for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  With CFF funding, a cure is on the horizon.  We participate each May in Great Strides – a walk to raise funds for research.  This year’s Great Strides in Wilmington raised over $100,000 for the cause.  That’s awesome – but it’s not enough.  For the third year, we are also supporting Pipeline to a Cure, a fundraiser sponsored by the Carolinas Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  This benefit, started on the West Coast, celebrates the connection between surfing and CF.  The evening includes appearances by local and nationally known surfers and raises money through ticket sales, sponsorships and auctions.

This year I was invited to photograph a group of CF patients for the Pipeline to a Cure event.  What a joy it was to work with these kids!  They are amazing children with such positive attitudes.  I was able to photograph nine patients in several locations.  As I spoke with their parents and heard their stories, it made me even more excited to help raise funds to find a cure for this disease.

Meet a few of the Faces of CF.

Pipeline to a Cure will be held on Saturday, August 2 at 6:00pm at the Country Club of Landfall.  For more information, you can click on the link above.  Or, if you would like to make a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, go HERE.  Our goal is to make CF stand for CURE FOUND.  Or as the CF Foundation says, Give Today for More Tomorrows!



Jaunita Miller - July 14, 2014 - 5:14 pm


Susan - July 14, 2014 - 9:08 pm

What a wonderful piece to create awareness for CF! Thank you for your care and support to the mission of Curing CF!


Charles is already three months old.  It’s amazing how quickly time is moving this year.  I’m trying my best to get older sessions caught up and get my blog up-to-date.  Charles came for his newborn session when he was about 2 1/2 weeks old – which in my opinion is a tiny bit late for newborns.  Babies curl up and sleep better if you can photograph them closer to a week old.  But sometimes age is really not significant.  Some babies less than a week old refuse to sleep and older babies snooze their session away.  Charles fell about in the middle.  It was tough getting him to settle down and nap, but once he fell asleep he was OUT!  He let us change hats, blankets, and backdrops and never made a peep.  He was a very sweet, cuddly baby.  I don’t remember him ever fussing at all the entire time they were here.   Julee brought Miss Hattie, Charles’ newborn nurse, along with them for the session.  Miss Hattie knows more about babies than anyone I’ve ever met.  She’s about to retire, but through the years she has cared for over 100 newborns for a month or longer each.  I remember being scared to death of Megan when we first brought her home from the hospital.   I could have used a Miss Hattie!  But I did have Granny, my mom, who raised a houseful of babies to guide me along.  And I guess I didn’t do anything too bad since she managed to grow into a remarkable young lady.

Without further ado, here’s Charles . . .

I am ready for more newborns!  The sessions are long and can be a bit exhausting, but there is nothing in the world sweeter than a new baby – even when they pee or poop on my backdrop:-) Can’t wait to see Charles in a few months.  His mom bought one of my Baby Plans, so I will get to see him at least twice more this year.  YAY!