Sweet Baby Charles

I love my Baby Plans.  With a Baby Plan, I am guaranteed to see a baby 3 times during their first year.  First, I do a newborn session – usually when the baby is about a week old.  Then, when the baby is sitting well, we do a session at 6-8 months.  The final session is at about a year.  Sometimes we do a cake smash – sometimes not.  It’s all up to the parents what they want to do.

I had not seen Charles since his newborn session way back in April.  When Julee called to schedule his 2nd session, I was so excited to see him again.  Oh my, is this angel precious!  He’s a happy, healthy baby and looks just like his daddy.  It’s sort of odd – every baby I have photographed lately looks exactly like their daddies.  The mothers laugh and say that they were just the incubators.  Charles has about the best disposition I have ever seen.  He was smiling when he came in the door and never fretted the first time.  He brought his grandmother, Lee, along to help with the session.  Her job was to keep him from diving off ottomans, chairs and other things I posed him on.  One time she had him by one leg – but she never let him hit the floor.  We need to hire Lee – she has quick reflexes!

Babies this age have very short attention spans.  You are lucky to keep them content for more than about 15 minutes.  Charles lasted much longer than most.  With clothing changes, he stuck with us for over a half hour.  At the end of the session, when he was dressed in his Christmas outfit, he didn’t give us the big smiles he did in the beginning, but he was never fussy.  He did look at Karen, my friend and assistant, like she had lost her mind a time or two, but we all do that!  I’m already looking forward to Charles’ first birthday session.  I know it’s going to be fun.


Lexie and George go to the Ball!

When you live in a Marine Corps town, as I do, November is an exciting month.  Marine Corps Balls spring up all over the place for several weeks.  And let me tell you, there is nothing better than a Marine in his dress blues.  They may uncomfortable, scratchy and hot – but they look GOOD!  When I found out that George and Lexie were going to George’s Ball in Wilmington, I offered to do a quick session for them.  There are always photographers at the Balls – and they do a good job.  But it’s kind of like school pictures . . . stand in line, step in front of the backdrop, smile, click and move on.  They may have time for a couple of poses, but that’s it.  Lexie and George just looked way too good not to get really great pictures of them, so we decided they needed their very own portrait session.  And boy did they rock it!  Here’s a small sampling of Lexie and George’s session.

It took less than a half hour to get lots of amazing poses of this beautiful couple.  And they loved their pictures, as did their families.  I always kid Lexie’s mom (my dear friend and assistant, Karen) that she can’t make a decision.  Every time I photograph her girls, she has to have one of everything.  She did really well with this gallery.  I think there may have been 3 or 4 that she didn’t order:-)


The Taylors

Back in 2010 when I first had the idea of offering portrait mini-sessions with Santa to raise money for Christmas Cheer, I had no idea what an undertaking it would be.  At that point, I had an idea – and that’s all.  I didn’t have  costume, a Santa, a location . . . nothing.  I put a message on Facebook that I was looking for someone to play Santa for me and within a few minutes, Will volunteered. Or maybe Rayshal volunteered Will, I’m not really sure.  At any rate, in the midst of planning an October wedding, Will and Rayshal were excited about volunteering for such a great cause.  I ordered a costume and Debbie Baile volunteered the use of Dance Theatre of Jacksonville and we were ready to roll.  Within a month after the wedding, we had Will in a Santa suit and families lined up out the door for pictures.

This year marked the 3rd year for our Santa and Me sessions. Each year just gets better and better, and we make more and more money for Christmas Cheer.  We were so busy this year, we didn’t have time to get good pictures for Will and Rayshal, so they dropped by today for a quick mini-session.  Alley was a little overwhelmed with Santa and all of the action last week – but when it was just her with her family, she was really happy.  She put on a show for us clapping and smiling.  It was nice to see Alley in a more relaxing atmosphere.

Alley really loved the Christmas gift bags.  They didn’t have gifts in them, just tissue paper, but she didn’t care.  She likes the paper best anyway.  Today we started planning Alley’s first birthday session.  We love that little angel and can’t wait to watch her smash a cake!


The Gaddy Girls ~ 2014

Christmas is just around the corner.  This is the time of the year when families get serious about their holiday cards, so I spend a lot of time taking family pictures and designing cards.  Each fall I photograph Courtney and Haylee for the family card and each year they just get more beautiful! Luckily I was able to photograph the girls when Courtney was home for Fall Break.  Last year I had to rush and get their pictures and cards done in December.  They are really very easy to work with, so the rush wasn’t a problem.  But Lynn loved having her cards in hand before Thanksgiving.

These girls certainly don’t look alike, but they both love to look good.  They have always been very stylish and it just keeps getting better.  The outfits they wore for their pictures this year are really special.  Courtney bought them when she was studying in Spain this summer.  I look the look!

It’s so hard for me to believe how grown up these girls are.  I remember taking their pictures when they still had their baby teeth!  Before long, they’ll both be college students. Oh my, what will Stacy and Lynn do with an empty nest:-)



Photographing two sweet baby girls in less than a week ~ my idea of heaven!

When Janis contacted me to photograph her new granddaughter, Mallory, I was elated.  I first remember Jennifer, Mallory’s mom, when she was in elementary school.  She ended up at a different high school than my daughter, but I’ve kept up with her through the years on Facebook.  I remember when she got engaged on a cruise.  And I enjoyed seeing pictures of her beautiful wedding.  I followed her pregnancy and even commented on one of her posts the night before it was decided that Mallory needed to be born.  When delivery didn’t go exactly as planned and Jennifer had to have an emergency C-section, I was saying prayers for her and her entire family.  Since Janis delivered a large percentage of the babies born in Jacksonville over the last 3 decades, she knows lots and lots of people.  Everyone was thinking of Jennifer and Mallory and saying prayers for those two on October 11.  All those positive thoughts and prayers worked and both Jennifer and Mallory are doing great!  In fact, they are doing so well, I was able to photograph Mallory’s newborn session when she was just 8 days old.  And what a beauty she is!

It was wonderful to see Jennifer again and to meet her sweet husband, Chris (Hollywood).  He is so proud of his daughter.  He would look at her, smile and say, “Isn’t she beautiful?”  Yes, Chris, she certainly is!

Mallory’s session was incredibly easy.  She slept soundly, let us move her and position her however we wanted, and she didn’t pee or poop on anything. That’s totally unheard of!  I’m so excited that I will get to photograph Mallory at least two more times – when she’s about 6 months old and at a year.  Baby Plans make me happy!

Cynthia S. Murphy - November 18, 2014 - 9:00 am

Absolutely Gorgeous!! Mallory is beyond Precious!! Beautiful Photography :)