I know I’m not the best photographer around – though I feel I’m pretty good in my market. I work very hard to improve my skills. And, I love photographing people. So many clients say, “Oh I hate pictures of me – I’m not photogenic at all.” My reply is always, “You just haven’t had the right person photograph you and I’m going to change that right now.” I love people – and working with people. I love being able to show them the beauty that is uniquely theirs. And I’ve found that I especially like working with seniors. There is some innate quality these seniors share – self-confidence combined with innocence – that makes me very happy. And somehow, I manage to attract seniors who are fun and gorgeous.

Yesterday I went to the beach with Meagan, her mom and Dana (who you may remember from last month’s blog). This was my first beach shoot since the weather turned cool. The fall air was crisp – but not too terribly cold. However, the days are getting shorter – so I have less good light than I did even a few weeks ago. Thankfully, Meagan was a quick change artist so we were able to get a lot of pictures taken in a very short amount of time. Meagan has one of the best “serious” looks I’ve ever seen. Her eyes are simply amazing – sometimes brown, sometimes with a hint of green, but always penetrating. When editing her pictures, it looks like she’s looking right through the monitor into my soul. She was an absolute joy to photograph because she’s very comfortable in front of a camera. All of those years performing as an All-Star cheerleader have made her move well and be sure of herself.

Meagan, here’s your preview. There will be lots, lots more in your gallery.meagan-1.jpgmeagan-2.jpgmeagan-3.jpgmeagan-4.jpgmeagan-5.jpgmeagan-6.jpg

OK, does anyone other than me think Meagan looks like Eva Longoria in that last picture?


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