The Landers – 6th edition

This is the sixth consecutive year that the Landers family has hired me to come to Topsail to take family portraits while they are on vacation. And let me tell you, this family knows how to have fun on vacation! They remind me so much of my family when we meet at the beach for some down time. Since I only get to visit with this wonderful family once a year, it always surprises me how much the children change from year to year. Isabel, the oldest, has grown from a little girl into a young lady. Abigail, the youngest, wasn’t even born when I started working with the Landers clan. Just last year Kevin was snaggle toothed and still had some of his baby look. Now, all of a sudden, he is getting all grown up. Kevin sat and talked with me a while and I commented to his mother, Alyson, that he talks like he is 40! That child has an amazing vocabulary and can carry on a conversation with anyone. I just love all of these kids . . . oh, and their parents, too.

We prefer to shoot on the beach, but this week the tides have been so high that at high tide there isn’t enough beach to shoot on. As luck would have it, the night we scheduled the Landers portrait session, high tide was at the exact time we needed to shoot. We decided to go across the street and shoot on the sound side this year. It wasn’t quite as windy on the sound, but it was still windy enough that it destroyed my large umbrella. That made shooting the entire family a little more difficult – but we persevered.

The cousins went first, followed by the adults, then the entire family.

Next we broke the group down into individual families with Will and Alyson going first, followed by Steve and Kathleen and Joe and Sue. For my blog post, I’m concentrating on the adults this year. Next year I’ll show more of the children. I just love the blue sky in the background of these portraits.

And last, but certainly not least, John and Sandra! It was getting very dark before I got to the grandparents but look a the colors in the sunset behind them. It was a beautiful night at the beach.

I always know that summer is drawing to a close when I photograph the Landers. Now I get to look forward to next year to see the changes in this family. The Landers family is just one of the many reasons I love my job!


[...] Update! The 2010 photo shoot has been completed…to see the current version of us, click here. [...]

Alyson - August 11, 2010 - 5:01 pm

That is one good looking group!

Marvelous, as always, Elise!!

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