leah + jonathan

I love shooting on the beach, so I decided to mix a little business with pleasure while on vacation last week. Leah’s family has vacationed at the same place during the same week my family vacations for quite a few years. When I found out Leah was engaged, we decided our vacation week would be the perfect time to shoot her session with Jonathan. While I have known Leah for a long time, I met Jonathan for the first time over the Memorial Day weekend. He fits right in with the rest of our crowd. Of course, it’s easy to fit in with us – you just have to love the beach and frozen daiquiris! Jonathan was only going to be with us for a few nights, so we prayed the weather would be good. On Thursday, some heavy, black clouds rolled through about 6:00, so I told Leah I wasn’t sure if we would be able to shoot. She told me her mother had it all worked out – that it wasn’t going to rain and the weather would be perfect. I just shook my head and said we would wait and see. I knew Sandy, Leah’s mom, was smart, I just didn’t know she had a direct line to the weather maker. By 7:30, when it was time to head out on the beach, the sky was blue and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen. It is almost always windy on the beach, but Thursday it was absolutely still. That was great for Leah’s hair – but man, was it hot! It was so humid that my lenses kept fogging up. I didn’t have my usual assistant with me, so Hillary (Leah’s sister) helped me with lighting. She also did a superb job with Leah’s hair and make-up. We worked poor Hillary pretty hard, but the result was worth it. We got great pictures of Leah and Jonathan so that I can make her a custom designed Guest Book for her wedding.

Leah and Jonathan are going to have a beautiful wedding next April.  I know it will be wonderful because they are both very laid-back and easy to work with.  I can’t wait to see Leah in her wedding gown!


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