avery and spencer

I posted a sneak preview of Spencer’s senior session a couple of weeks ago. But I never got around to posting any images from the second session I did of Spencer – with his sister, Avery. Melissa wanted a composite picture of the kids to hang over her fireplace. I have to know in advance that the client wants a composite. It’s important to pose the subjects carefully so that you can combine multiple images. It takes a lot of work to get it right, but when it works – it’s awesome. When we were discussing the composite, I suggested the kids bring props that told something about themselves. Spencer chose his cell phone, his X-Box controller and his football. Avery decided on her cello, a stack of books and rolls of duct tape. Avery is an accomplished duct tape artist! To keep the light consistent, Avery and Spencer had to change quickly. This is the composite we came up with . . .

I love the look. My husband looked at the picture for several minutes before figuring out that Spencer and Avery were in the picture three times each. I guess he thought Melissa and Brent had a lot of kids that looked alike!

After shooting for the composite, I took some shots of Avery alone. Avery was one of my first models when I started shooting professionally over 7 years ago. We have both grown up a lot since then! Before you know it, I’ll be shooting HER senior session. Oh my!

I always look forward to working with Spencer and Avery. They are polite and considerate – and lots of fun. I do love this job!


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