Emily is excited to be starting her senior year.  She called last week about having senior portraits done.  I had some time this week, so we decided to go ahead and do her portraits before it gets so terribly hot.   Emily wanted to shoot at the beach, so it was off to Topsail again.  We met at the beach at 7:00 and were surprised at how many people were still on the beach.  Generally by the time I get ready to shoot, the beach is nearly empty.  Not last night.  The beautiful weather kept people on the beach much longer, so we were dodging swimmers during the entire session.  In fact, when we left the beach at 8:15 there were still quite a few people lounging on their blankets enjoying the prettiest time of the day.  I had to use my clone tool to remove the distracting people from the background – but that’s OK.  I don’t mind sharing my beach:-)

Emily has the most gorgeous coloring.  I love her red hair and hazel eyes.  And her freckles brought to mind a quote I just read earlier this week.  I don’t know who said it, but it goes “a girl without freckles is like a night without stars.” I have to agree.  Emily’s coloring looked great on the beach.  And I particularly liked shooting by the dune fence.  We have to be careful to stay off of the dunes, but the fencing and dune grass is a gorgeous background.

Here are a few of my favorites from Emily’s session.







To help make my seniors more comfortable, I allow them to bring a friend or family member to be in a few pictures with them.   Emily brought her boyfriend, Josh, who soon became my assistant.  Josh hauled chairs and stools, and kept Emily’s towel close by to wipe sand off of her arms, legs, and face.  Josh was such a big help, I promised him a prize.  The only thing Josh didn’t want to do was be in the pictures.  He really, really doesn’t like to have his picture made.  But, he did allow us a couple.



I tried to get Josh to pose for a picture by himself – but he wasn’t game for that.  And when I suggested that he have a session of his own,  he told me only if I could find a Lamborghini for him to pose with.  That young man has expensive taste!  My best to Emily and Josh.  Hope your senior year is great fun.

sara - August 1, 2009 - 12:39 am

great shots. :)

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