miller at 3 months

Yesterday I met Jessica, Bob and Miller for Miller’s 3 month portrait session.  To be honest, Miller is pushing 4 months now because we had some bad weather to contend with and had to reschedule.   I am amazed at how much he has grown!  I had visited Miller earlier in the day and gotten some really good smiles.  He has the cutest dimple on the left side when he smiles.  Miller loves Baby Einstein and was engrossed in it when I visited.  Sadly, by the time the light was ready for shooting, Miller was getting tired.  He is such a good boy, he hung in with us for quite a while.  First I took some pictures of Jessica and Miller.  Even Bob admits that Miller is a mama’s boy.  He just lights up when Jessica talks to him.  Miller has found his fingers and loves to chew on them.  And he’s a drooling machine.  I bet it won’t be long before we see some teeth trying to peek through those gums.




Can you tell Miller’s eyes are getting a bit tired.  Next we did a few pictures of just Miller. We couldn’t keep his hands out of his mouth, but that’s OK. This is Miller at this stage in his life -  and that’s what I like to document.


We tried some family pictures and pictures of Bob and Miller next.  Miller was still hanging with us – but his eyes were definitely drooping.



Miller wanted to finish his dinner bottle, so grandma Lynda fed him while I took a few pictures of Bob and Jessica.


BIG mistake.  I don’t know what Lynda put in that bottle – but whatever it was, it nearly put Miller in a coma.  I felt like a child abuser trying to keep this tired baby awake.  Even when he could barely hold his eyes open, Miller didn’t get fussy.


Within just seconds,  Miller’s eyes started rolling back in his head and he was a goner.  But look at this sweet angel.  I love sleeping babies!


By the time I photograph Miller next, he will have changed again.  He’ll be sitting on his own, probably have a tooth or two, and will be even more expressive. Babies at this age change so quickly, I’m glad Jessica and Bob are letting me photograph Miller often.

Judy Theisen - July 22, 2009 - 12:29 am

I am Amanda, AJ’s Aunt and I just love the black and white, it is truly beautiful to look at the people instead of the color. I think that more people should do the black and white. It also helps to be a great photography. Nice work

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